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July 23, 2010

Thugs are for Fun 3: Available Now

Dear Thugs are for Fun readers:

We have gotten countless emails over the past few months asking when the Thugs 3 book will be available again.

I sincerely apologize for leaving you guys hanging for so long, but as promised it is now available for immediate shipping.

Click Here to Order Thugs are for Fun 3

Enter code W5PRBF9Y to receive a 15% discount for a limited time. You may also find the book at Amazon and by request at your local bookstore.

Thugs are for Fun 3 Now Available

Thugs are for Fun 3 is now available for shipment to your door!

Also, order the first two books in the series for $15 (offer valid to Aug 5, 2010). Click here for the link for this special.

Thugs are for Fun Series – First 2 Books for $15

Love you, and enjoy —


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June 27, 2009

J.Gail Urban Books Update — Visit hoturbanbooks.com

I just wanted to send a quick update on my books.

I’m amazed at the continued interest in my urban books, even though I admit that I haven’t been 100% focusing on pushing them out there like I should. I get a couple of emails a day–I miss you guys so much.

Thugs are for Fun 3 got rave reviews and sold out quickly. I was nervous about that one because it’s always hard to end a story. But thank God it was a hit. Don’t worry, more of everything, including Thugs 3, will be available soon if your bookstore is showing as “out of stock” right now.

I can’t say for sure when I will have a new book out. I have about 1/2 of Cap’n Save a Bro finished and I want to do a Karma 2 badly.  I have so many projects (urban books related and other) going on right now though I can’t really commit to a date for either just yet, but I will update you for 2010.

Take care of yourself, love God, and do your thing. Stay grounded and realistic but don’t let anyone discourage you from pursuing your dreams.

Love J.Gail


Thugs are for Fun 3 Urban Book

Thugs are for Fun 3 Urban Book

July 28, 2008

Hot Urban Books – Will Have You Up at 3am – hoturbanbooks.com

New site launched for urban books by J.Gail !

http://www.hoturbanbooks.com !

More hot urban books to come….

You can also order these urban books at Amazon.com

Thugs are for Fun 3 - Urban Books

Thugs are for Fun 3 - Urban Books

July 13, 2008

Thugs are for Fun 3 — Amazon.com Reviews – Urban Books with Sizzzzzzzzzzle

The best in Urban Books. Truth Hurts Publications.
Quick reminder: Please be sure to write your review of Thugs are for Fun 3 on AMAZON on July 15th
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— J.Gail
The best in Urban Books. Look for this book under the Urban Books category of your favorite online book store. Also look under Urban Fiction, African American Fiction and Street Fiction.

June 17, 2008

Thugs are for Fun 3 — Shipped — Message from J.Gail

The best in Urban Books.
All pre-orders of
Thugs are for Fun Part 3
have shipped!
If you have questions about your book email

(special message from j.gail below the cover)
Thugs are for Fun 3 Book Image

“Thugs” readers — when you get your book look at the title page —
guess who this is dedicated to?
I blushed while writing some parts of this book, so…
for parents, I put a guide to sex/violent scenes in the book at the back

in case you want to censor your teenagers
(I know, they’re already grown as it is!)
As always, there’s a good message in the book.
Thank you all for your support throughout this series….
and don’t forget to send me your feedback and post your review on amazon.com & bn.com
— J.Gail
The best in Urban Books. Look for this book under the Urban Books category of your favorite online book store. Also look under Urban Fiction, African American Fiction and Street Fiction.

April 14, 2008

New Thugs 3 Cover – Urban Books

Urban Books category. Also Urban Fiction and Street Fiction. The first two covers will also look the same or similar, and the title Thugs Ain’t No Fun At All will change to Thugs are for Fun 2.

April 3, 2008

Thugs are for Fun 3 – Final Excerpt – Urban Books

This book can be found under the Urban Books category of your favorite online book store. Also look under Urban Fiction, African American Fiction and Street Fiction.

This is the final excerpt to be posted on here before the book is released. Thugs are for Fun 3 will be available for advanced orders Mid-April (this month) and will be delivered to the limited pre-orders a month before it comes out officially in July 2008. Look for updates on the newsletter. Thank you guys, I will still post on here from time to time with info about new releases, writing, etc 😉

Thugs are for Fun 3

Final Excerpt – Thugs are for Fun 3 by J.Gail

Pop! Pop!

Timbo stood in shock as one of the figures who had been standing across the street shot Tools twice—Tools dropped like a dummy doll. Timbo now saw the face of the guy who had shot off his gun clear as day. It was Coot, a young brother from North Philly who had just recently started staying down in West Philly. He was about 20. From what Timbo had been told, Coot was on the run for a murder/robbery. It was somebody who really mattered to the community. Timbo had talked to Coot a couple of times in passing but always kept it moving because he seemed a little “off.”

And he had just shot the shit out of Tools. Tools lay on the ground with a pool of blood starting to form around his chest. Coot returned his gun to the back of his jeans and nodded at Timbo as if to say “I got this.”

Timbo didn’t stick around to find out why, how, or what. He sobered up that quick and turned to head back towards his car. He had three or four warrants out in his name, he wasn’t about to be caught at a murder scene. To his surprise, Coot yelled after him, but he kept it moving, trying to play it cool. He didn’t see Cheryl’s head in her car, so he knocked on the window to see what had happened. She popped her head back up with a terrified look on her face. Timbo gestured for her to start her car, then jumped in his own car and motioned to Cheryl out the window to follow him. She did so without a second thought.

* * *

Timbo drove Cheryl to his house and led her to where she could park down the street and around the corner. His baby’s mother Yolanda had a habit of showing up unannounced when she was on one of her “missions,” so he didn’t want her knowing he had a new girl over there, especially not a girl like Cheryl. Yolanda knew every car on the block and would surely take a pipe to Cheryl’s car if he didn’t let her in.

Once Cheryl had her car parked, he leaned over and opened the passenger seat door for her to get in and drive her back to the house. When Cheryl got in the car she brought a light, airy aura with her that Timbo absolutely loved. He closed his eyes for a moment and took in the feeling.

“What happened back there?” Cheryl wasn’t smiling. She had half considered peeling off without Timbo when she heard the gunshots but was so scared that all she could do was duck down in her seat. Another part of her was extremely turned on by the danger of witnessing gun shots ringing out less than a block away. She hadn’t seen Tools get shot; she had only heard the noise.

Timbo broke out of his trance and looked over at Cheryl. Her eyeballs were wide as saucers. He reached out and caressed her hair to calm her down. As far as he was concerned, he didn’t know why Coot shot Tools, but Tools deserved what he got. He was dirty brother who was always messing with other peoples’ money. He probably owed Coot something. Good riddance. Timbo thought.

“Nothin’ baby, don’t worry about that shit,” he assured her and pulled around the corner.

Cheryl knew one thing for sure; something had happened. She had heard those gunshots clear as day. It was the first time she had heard them in person instead of on TV. But the way Timbo shrugged it off and told her to not to fret eased her mind. She felt that whatever had happened, he had it under control. After all, he was here wasn’t he? It must have been nothing for him, because he had already forgotten about it. He was probably around guns on a regular basis. She was growing more and more attracted to this man by the minute.

When they got to his door, Timbo quickly opened the front door and let her inside, scanning the street to make sure Yolanda was no where in sight. He came in behind her and threw on the light so that she could orient herself with the surroundings. She looked back at him strangely, wondering why he was scanning the street. Were the people who were shooting coming after him?? Should she get out of there? A new panic fell over her, but when she looked at Timbo looking calm and dangerous all at the same time as he tossed his keys on his mail table, she quickly relaxed again.

“Nice house,” Cheryl said smiling as she walked back towards a comfy leather couch she saw. Timbo’s house may have looked like a regular danky rowhouse on the outside, but he kept it looking nice inside. Timbo watched her hips sway from side to side as her heels clicked on his hardwood floors. She was definitely the best looking woman he had ever had in his house.

“You want somethin’ to drink? I got some Grey Goose… or some Henny.”

“I’ll just have some juice or something, I need to sober up a little,” Cheryl said with a nod as she made herself comfortable on the couch. She set her purse down and crossed her legs properly. Timbo watched her every move on his way to the kitchen.

While he was getting Cheryl some juice he remembered that she had warmed up to him when he was aggressive. That was probably what she wanted right now. Why else would she want to come to his house after midnight? Still, he was going to play this cool.

When he came back he handed her the dripping glass of juice and kicked off his shoes with his own glass of vodka and cranberry in hand. He took a big gulp and did what came naturally—laid his head in her lap.

They watched TV together for a while like that, and were temporarily distracted by an episode of Hell Date on BET. Where he lay was comfortable and relaxing him, but sleep was the furthest thing from his mind.

“Tell me ‘bout your school,” Timbo started as he made himself more comfortable and flipped the channels.

Cheryl didn’t answer at first—she was too busy thinking nasty thoughts and sneaking glances at the bulge forming in his pants. She loved the feeling of his deep voice vibrating through her jeans. Her excitement was growing. “There isn’t really much to tell. School is hard, but I’m doing okay.”

“You said you was from Michigan right?”

“Ellisville Missouri, it’s near St. Louis,” she answered. “You were born and raised in Philly right?”

“Yup, my momma and my momma’s momma you know the rest. Probably since slavery, who knows,” Timbo said with a slight chuckle.

“Well you know, that’s not necessarily true. Most African American families migrated up north in the 20th century from the South,” Cheryl suddenly felt the need to drop some knowledge. “Your people most probably came up here in the 20s or 30s. You should ask your grandmother.”

“Oh for real?” Timbo turned his head from the TV and looked Cheryl in the eye. “You into all that history shit huh?”

Cheryl laughed. “If you wanna call it that, yea. I’m thinking about a major in Afro-American studies.”

“That’s cool. Tell me more about that down south stuff.”

Timbo listened to Cheryl talk about slavery, black migration patterns, and the history of black Philadelphia. She seemed very passionate about the subject, and surprisingly enough to himself, he was genuinely interested in what she had to say. He was slowly falling in love with each word that flowed out of her perfectly glossed lips. Her breath smelled good and she handled herself very well even though she had just went through about five cocktails and three beers.

“You would be in the house or the field?” Timbo asked jokingly.

Cheryl laughed. “Well most people joke that only the light-skinned slaves were in the house, but that wasn’t always the case. The slave masters would choose based on their ‘favorites.’ Not necessarily on skin color.”

“Oh then, you most definitely would be in the house! Cause you already my favorite,” Timbo smirked.

Cheryl laughed. “Oh really.”

“Come here,” Timbo couldn’t wait any longer. Cheryl obeyed, still smiling, and lowered her face down to his lips. He quivered when he felt her lips touch his. They were plump, lickable, and delicious.

He sucked on her top lip as if it were a Jolly Rancher, and Cheryl felt a rush of fluids down below. She shoved her tongue down his throat and sent chills down Timbo’s back. All the “gentleman” left him right then. He sat up and turned around in the same motion, grabbing Cheryl by her hips to get her to lay down.

On top, he took full control as he kissed her hard on the lips. He pulled her shirt up over her head roughly, causing it to rip slightly, and ravished her on the couch. He sucked, licked, and kissed every inch of her body, paying plenty of attention to her fleshy, perfectly-sized breasts. Cheryl moaned and cooed, loving every moment.

“What do you want me to do?” Cheryl asked suddenly. “Tell me what you want me to do, I’ll do anything you want.”

Timbo was kissing her neck and unbuttoning her pants when she said that. He slowed down a bit. In response, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his jet black, rock hard manhood. Cheryl knew exactly what to do. She got on her knees next to the couch and went to work. Timbo’s eyes rolled up in his head as he moaned in pleasure.

That night they were doing it for so long in Timbo’s bedroom that the sun actually came up before they were done. Timbo was knocked out on his bed within a few minutes, and thought that Cheryl had done the same, but not so. She actually snuck out of the bed a few minutes later and did a search for her panties. She looked everywhere—by the couch, in the hall, under the bed, and in the sheets as much as she could without disturbing Timbo, but was unsuccessful. She left without making a sound.

Chapter 3

Amanda was tired, having rested a grand total of 8 hours over the past three days, due to her studies. She had decided to go back to school for her Masters degree in hopes of getting a promotion to a mid-management level position at her job paying a minimum of $70,000 a year. But she really liked the self-defense classes that Jacy had signed them both up for so she was willing to make this sacrifice. Later on she would be able to at least get a two hour nap in before starting her paper.

She threw her bag on an open chair and started stripping down to her workout clothes. As she tossed her sweatpants aside, she saw that the drop dead gorgeous instructor had entered the room. He looked like a cross between Boris Kudjoe and Drill Sergeant Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club.

“Hey Amanda, how are you,” he said smoothly as he started setting up his dummies and coordinating paperwork that he planned to give to each lady after class.

“Hi Todd,” Amanda almost swooned. She was shameless with her flirtation; even though she was going on three months in a relationship with a guy who she had met at school.

Todd was six foot three, 205 lbs of rock hard body, with a caramel complexion, and deep, brown piercing eyes that almost made you feel that you were being undressed with them. Amanda had to admit—he was a big reason why she came to this twice a week class despite her hectic schedule with work and school.

She daydreamed for a minute until she saw a few other people filing into the room. The class had a whopping 30 women—the maximum—and that was mostly due to the fact that the instructor was fine as hell. Right when the class was about to begin, Jacy ran in and threw her things in a corner.

“Hey Mandy!” Jacy said with a smile. Amanda returned the greeting and gave her friend a big hug. She was starting to become concerned about Jacy. Jacy constantly worried about Rich and his whereabouts when they weren’t together. She was starting to become one of “those married women.”

“Why are you always late girl,” Amanda teased as she and Jacy stretched a little. Then Todd’s commanding voice piped in.

“Hello Ladies, I think we are ready to begin today,” Todd said, letting his eyes rest comfortably on Jacy for a moment too long. She smiled innocently and tuned in. “Today we are going to talk a little about the use of aggressive devices to thwart an attack.”

Jacy had decided to take self-defense classes right after marrying Rich. She frequently had to be around less than desirable people on a regular basis—most of whom didn’t like her due to her relationship with Rich. Jealousy, resentment, and the unexpected all convinced her that this was a good move, just in case. While he thought it was unnecessary, Rich was fine with it. He had even taught her a few moves of his own to disable people even when you weren’t as strong as them.

Jacy convinced Amanda to come along because she lived alone in the heart of Philly, and the crime in her area was worsening. Amanda was thinking about moving to Lansdowne soon, but in the meantime she was learning how to protect herself.

“…I’m going to need a volunteer,” Todd said and scanned the room. Half of the women’s hands shot up, but he looked beyond them all and right at Jacy. “Jacy, I saw that you have mace on your keyring, can you come up here for a second?”

The women groaned as Jacy made her way to the front. They knew that being a volunteer almost assuredly meant being touched by the instructor. Most of the women were single and so desperate for the touch of a man that they went to extremes; even faking and pretending that they were having trouble with their moves.

Todd demonstrated the correct way to use mace on an attacker while the other women just stared at his abs, with definition that could clearly be seen even underneath his t-shirt. He put the mace in Jacy’s hand and guided her on how to mace the dummy, scream, and take off. The women burned with jealousy. Todd was always choosing Jacy to demonstrate things. She was definitely the teacher’s pet.

After class was over, and the ladies had their paper’s in hand, Jacy asked Amanda out for drinks but it was simply not happening.

“J, do you know how much I would love to go sit at Copas and drink a margarita? I have three papers due this week, and a 20 minute presentation due on Monday. I just can’t babe.”

Jacy sighed. “Okay. Damn, you are no fun ever since you started school! You know Rachelle never wants to do anything. Now that she has her new new new man.”

Rachelle had become a slightly better friend, but old habits die hard. She had been through five relationships in the past year alone. She was still on her quest to find “the one,” and ever since Jacy and Rich tied the knot she seemed even more fired up to find a man.

“I know, but would you rather me fail out of school and get stuck at $40,000 a year for the rest of my life! Then you will have to buy me drinks forever since on top of getting paid only $40,000 a year I will also have more student loan debt for going to a school I never even graduated from because I was busy out getting drinks!”

Jacy chuckled as they stood to leave, “Yea, when you put it that way. You are too dramatic though.”

“Hey Jacy, Amanda,” Todd said from behind them. “How are you guys doing, enjoying the class?”

“Oh yea, it’s great Todd. I’m going to kick someone’s ass as soon as I get out of here,” Amanda confirmed, smiling wide at Todd. They laughed.

“Just so you guys know, I’m available for private lessons if you ever have any problems with your moves,” Todd said, looking directly at Jacy again. Jacy was really starting to think he was crushing. She thought he was cute and all, but wasn’t about to have a dead self-defense instructor on her hands if Rich found out she was flirting with him. All those karate moves and such would do nothing versus Rich’s ca-razy ass. Rich knew Jacy was in the classes, but had no idea who was teaching them. Jacy kept that information under wraps and had actually told him a little white lie about her instructor being female. She didn’t say it outright, but had suggested it innocently in conversation. She did everything now to avoid a conversation about the classes and the guilt was killing her.


Entertaining Urban Books with a message.

March 9, 2008

Thugs are for Fun 3 — Excerpt #3 Urban Books

Thugs are for Fun 3Thugs are for Fun Part 1Thugs Ain\'t No Fun At All (soon to be renamed Thugs are for Fun 2)

I have been writing a lot lately but am a little behind my targets.

The book will be open for advance orders at the end of April 08, and is now scheduled for official release in July 08. Again, I love writing this story and I am going to miss it when it’s done. Here is a new excerpt (below). Timbo is getting himself into a lot of shit in this book:

This girl, Cheryl, looked like she had grown up in a well-off family. She went to UPenn, a school in the area, an Ivy league school at that. She had smooth brown skin, long luscious dark hair, her makeup was always flawless, and her nails were never undone. She was the type of girl that got everything she wanted—a black american princess for sure—and right now she wanted to go out with him. He was almost giddy at the thought. What would a girl like that want with him? He was eager to find out—maybe a little too eager.

Timbo had never dated anything but chickens and gutter trash. He had finally kicked his crackhead baby’s mother Yolanda out on the street a few months before, after she sold his $2,000 flat screen television to somebody for $80 and two hits.

This would be the first time he got the chance to date a girl with some sense and a decent upbringing. Cheryl might be his way out, the same as his best boy Rich had found with Jacy.

But here he was, $100 in his pocket and a high maintenance college chick waiting for him to buy her some drinks. She was bound to be one of those girls that drank apple martinis and grand marniers.

Timbo felt like people were playing him on the streets, now that Rich was no longer his running buddy. Rich had been his backup, his enforcer. Nobody played with Timbo’s money in the past because they knew Rich would be somewhere in the picture soon. It wasn’t just about muscle—people respected Rich and didn’t want to disappoint him.

As soon as Rich left the game, Timbo’s consignments started getting paid later and later, the young boys were treating him with disrespect and doing a good job of dodging him, and people were even having the nerve to ask for a better rate. Now, Timbo had so many people owing him money that he had lost track. He felt that he was going to have to do something drastic soon to send a message out on the streets that he wasn’t playing; something like popping somebody. But he didn’t feel like he had a good backing; the four or five dudes that he ran with on a regular basis didn’t have the balls or heart to deal with what he had planned.

Timbo had never had less than a G in his pocket at any given time. Most people would think $100 was plenty for a date, but Timbo liked to have enough to really ball. He was trying to impress this girl and throw some money around—how was he going to do that with less than a bean? His ‘wack’ was light like a mug! He was used to pulling out a tight wad of money on a first date—that was how real Philly ballers did it. He considered calling Cheryl up and making an excuse about having some business to handle. Then he could take her out at a time he had more cash.

But then Timbo thought of how her brown legs had looked in those tan khaki short shorts, with the high-heeled wooden sandals the first time he saw her walking down Walnut. She was fine as shit. That same girl was sitting in the bar waiting on him—there was no way he was letting that possibly slip through his fingers. Then he remembered that she was a college girl sitting alone in a bar full of sharks, and quickly pulled the lever on his car door.

With a vision of her legs planted firmly in his mind, he stepped out of the car with a smile on his lips. He was just going to have to make do money-wise.

Timbo took a moment to check himself in his car window. He had on a clean monogrammed black tee and a diamond “T” chain he bought down on Jeweler’s Row. He even shaved his normally rough beard down to something presentable. He didn’t look too shabby.

“Here we go,” he said after doing a tooth check. Timbo might not have been the best looking brother in West Philly, but one thing he prided himself on was good dental hygiene. He brushed his teeth about five times a day—in the morning, after every meal, and before he went to bed. It was an obsession for him that had paid off. He was going to let his pearly whites do most of the talking tonight.

He burrowed his eyebrows and strolled up to the front door of the sports bar. When he walked inside he looked around, trying not to seem eager. He didn’t see her yet.

“I thought she said she was already here,” he mumbled to himself as he sat down at the bar and pulled out his cellphone to check the text message again. Just as he was pressing some buttons he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw her coming out of the bathroom. His jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

She was wearing a simple white long sleeved shirt that was snug and showed off her round C cup breasts along with a pair of hip hugging jeans. Her hair fell around her shoulders in a curly style. He let his eyes travel down to the floor where he saw her perfectly pedicured toes peaking out of her Jimmy Choo open toed sandals.

“Hi,” she said as she slid onto the bar stool next to him, a radiant smile on her face. Her eyes were slightly slitted as if she had just been smoking some good weed. Timbo was extremely turned on at the thought that she might be down with a session.

“Sup,” he said with a cute smirk as he looked her up and down. It was a struggle to remove his vision from the sliver of skin visible on her back between her shirt and jeans when the bartender came over to take his order.

“Umm, let me get a Heiny,” he said and then turned back to Cheryl. “What you want baby?”

“I want another double shot of 3 Olives and cranberry,” she said directly to the bartender in a smooth velvety voice that made Timbo’s manhood stand at attention. She had a slight accent that he couldn’t make out just yet. He scooted his chair up closer to the bar. He wasn’t sure how to act around this girl; he didn’t want to come off as too ghetto and scare her away.

“You was waiting long?” he asked, trying to play off the fact that he was very impressed. He didn’t even need to look around—he knew every brother in that bar’s eyes were on them. A jealous thought flashed through his mind—what if he had left her alone in the bar too long? His mind swam with the possibility of her talking to some other dude in the bar before he arrived.

“Uhh, a little. But that’s alright I guess,” she said blankly as she took her drink and started sipping. Her smile had disappeared. Timbo started to worry that she wasn’t having a good time. He would have to turn on the charm somehow. Timbo had been shot at, stabbed, and gotten into so many fights that he lost count, but never had his heart beat so fast. There was so much at stake on this date. He had to have this woman.

“Aww fuck it. I ain’t even gonna try to play it off no more,” Timbo said as he turned and grabbed her stool to pull her close and straddle her. He pulled at his hat, a nervous habit of his. “You fine as shit. Damn slimmy. I ain’t even gonna lie.”

Cheryl finally giggled and Timbo was relieved to see that smile return. “You’re cute,” she said.

“Aw, that’s all? Just cute?” Timbo flashed a smile at her. “I put my best shit on for you girl. Damn. You got some pretty brown eyes.”

“Thank you,” Cheryl giggled again. She was loving the attention. She was the type of girl who needed to be complimented regularly. And she needed a man that could really take control. That’s what attracted her to Timbo in the first place—the fact that he came right up to her and asked for her number. It was something about his gangster swagger that turned her on and had her daydreaming the rest of the day they met about being alone with him.

“You don’t talk much do ya? You shy?” Timbo observed.

“Not really,” she said with a smile. But Timbo didn’t know which question she was answering.

“So what you doing out here in the ‘hood with me?” Timbo moved in closer to her to get a deeper whiff of her perfume. Now Cheryl’s heart was beating faster.

“Why, should I be concerned?” Cheryl asked with a smirk.

Timbo chuckled. “Naw, you ain’t got nothing to worry about babe. Not when you with me. Where you from?”


Timbo soon realized that Cheryl really was a woman of very little words, and quickly adjusted. That was fine with him. For all he cared, she could be completely silent and just look good all day. Now he knew where that accent was from.

His chest puffed out a little when he saw the level of attention and respect he was getting at the bar just by being seen with a woman of her caliber. Dudes he hadn’t said two words to for weeks were coming up to him to say “what’s up” and give him a pound. Timbo knew the only reason why they were doing that was to get a closer look at the new eye candy at the bar.

By the time Timbo and Cheryl left the bar they were both toasted. Just as Timbo thought, Cheryl’s drinks were expensive, but she only needed like three expensive drinks and a couple of beers to get tossed, so he was good. Her tongue loosened up a little more with each drink.

“Where do you live?” Cheryl asked him when they were both outside. Timbo was grasping onto her hand as if she could fly away at any moment. When he heard her question he had an adrenaline rush. He was definitely going to get some that night.

“Not far from here, like three blocks,” he turned to her and looked in her eyes.

“I want to come over,” she slurred, but was serious as a heart attack. “Can I just follow you?”

“Yea, yea. Hold up a sec though,” Timbo said as he spotted somebody he had been seeking out for weeks down the block. “Go in your car and lock ya door. I’ll be right back.”

Cheryl did as she was told, but not before glancing down the block in the direction where Timbo went. She locked her door and watched him in her rear view mirror. She involuntarily held onto her heart.

Timbo crept up in the darkness on Jimmy and Tools, who were standing around on the corner smoking a blunt. They were so high that they didn’t even realize who Timbo was at first.

“Aw, shit,” Tools mumbled to himself when he recognized the face. “Damn, you got any cash on you ock? You know I’ll get you back.”

“Whateva nigga, that’s yo problem,” Jimmy said in a low tone that matched Tools’, happy that for once it wasn’t him that owed somebody.

“Tools. What up nigga,” Timbo said with no smile. This was one of those times that he would have to put his foot down. Tools owed him over $500 at that point. Timbo glanced across the street and saw some other dudes who looked familiar watching his every move. Timbo offered out his hand to Tools to shake.

Tools took it and gave Timbo a hard manshake and chest bump. Tools’ mind was going a mile a minute.

“You know I been on ya tail Tools, so what the deal? You just gon’ dodge a nigga like dat? After all I did for you. That ain’t even right,” Timbo shook his head and now was grasping onto his gun like a cowboy.

“Naw, it ain’t even like that Tim, I was gonna yell at you,” Tools started shucking and jiving. “I just needed a lil more time, yah mean?”

Timbo turned his nose up at Tools, never taking his eyes off of him. “Now nigga, you know I ain’t even trynna hear all that noise. It’s been damn near three months! I want my got damn money. Ya’ll niggas trynna treat me like some kind of sucka cuz Rich ain’t here? That nigga will be here if I need ‘im. You gonna catch one regardless if he here or not, if you keep fuckin’ with my cash.”

Tools sucked his teeth and shuffled his feet nervously. “Aww, come on Timbo. I just need a couple weeks, three tops! Gimme that?”

Timbo licked his front teeth and glanced around him carefully. Jimmy started backing away from the scene because he could feel that this wasn’t going to end right. Tools got ready to take off himself. Just as Timbo pulled his gun out from his waist, Tools took off running across the street.

“Come back here, sorry ass muthafucka!” Timbo shouted. But Tools didn’t get very far.

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February 19, 2008

Thugs are for Fun 3 Excerpt #2 – Urban Books

This book can be found under the Urban Books category of your favorite online book store. Also look under Urban Fiction, African American Fiction and Street Fiction.

Thugs are for Fun 3 Excerpt #2


He knew she loved it when he just “took” it. All he needed was a slight cue from her that she was interested, and it was on. He pushed her into the shower stall and shut it closed behind them. He knew that she was going to be pissed about getting her hair wet, but she would get over it after one good bang-out. He bent her over towards the back of the stall and told her to grab the ledge. She protested weakly, but did as she was told. He grabbed her ass tightly and rammed himself inside. Jacy shouted out, loud enough for the neighbors to hear if they were home. Rich pumped her full of his manhood for what seemed like an eternity for Jacy in that position just like she liked it—fast and hard. She shouted in pain for a few moments, but was soon in ecstasy once he found her spot. It was all good. She felt herself about to come, a phenomenon that had only started happening after they wed. Maybe it was the fact that she knew that she was in love with this man, and they had made it official—whatever it was Rich was rocking her world in the bedroom. He might have gone legit business-wise, but he was still all thug when it came to getting it in.

“Rich baby, I’m about to come. Oh yes baby, get that pussy!” Jacy talked dirty to him, making him weak.

When Rich felt her shaking and breaking out in fits of involuntary compulsions, he knew that she had come and went in as far as he could go before letting loose himself. He groaned in pleasure as he felt the contractions hitting him in waves.

“Oooo. Yes,” Rich exclaimed after they both became limp. He still held her up and stayed inside of her for as long as she would allow. He was desperate to get Jacy pregnant, even though he knew she was doubling up on birth control and never missed a day. She had even resisted letting go of condoms until he had to level with her.

“Okay Rich, come on, let me up,” Jacy finally said upon recovering from the wonderful feeling that had just shot through her limbs. “I know what you are trying to do, sucka. You ain’t foolin’ nobody.”

“What?” Rich played stupid as he let her up. Jacy turned around and came face to face with a devilish smirk. She pecked him on the lips.

“You know what. Rich, I’m not trying to get pregnant man,” Jacy said as she walked around him and started showering. “Give me like two years before thinking about that stuff.”

“Two years! Oh hell no,” Rich protested. “I want a baby this year.”

Jacy just ignored him and kept showering. She changed the subject instead.

“Look at what you did, now I have to take another two hours to dry my hair,” Jacy said playfully.

“Awww, don’t be complaining now. Here let me get your back.”

When Rich left the house after trying two more times to get another round in, Jacy sat down at her desk and waited for her hair to dry so that she could flat iron it. It was a good thing she had just had a fresh relaxer, or else she would have really been in trouble that day. Muffy sauntered up to where she was seated at her desk and meowed quietly to say that she wanted some love. Jacy moved back a little and let her beloved cat jump up on her lap for a petting session. She let Muffy stay there while she worked.

“Let’s see. I got an appointment at 12…I can push that back to one…” she spoke to herself, trying to get prepared for her day. “Oh crap, I forgot to call Jim back this morning.”

She picked up the phone hoping to get in touch with Jim, her new part-time partner. They went in on larger real estate deals in the Philadelphia area. She found the financing, he found the buyer and oversaw any contractor work. They had already overseen about seven successful closings, so she didn’t hesitate to jump on an opportunity when he called. He had left a message for her the evening before concerning a property in the Northern Liberties that was selling for dirt cheap considering the area. They would need to have it fixed up with an investment of about $7,500. That was definitely doable.

By that time Jacy was wheeling and dealing in Philly real estate. She made modest profits off of each deal that left her with a yearly salary of about $65,000—almost twice what she was making at her old job at Summit Financial. Rich saw what she was doing, and was planning on making an investment in her business that year that would double her profits. If she kept rolling with Jim she would surely see at least a 25% increase in her bottomline.

Jim wasn’t answering, so she just left him a message. Jacy was surprised that Rich didn’t have a problem with the 31-year-old Jim working with his woman, but she guessed it was because Jim wasn’t attractive in the least. He was skinny and crackish looking with bad blotchy brown skin, despite the fact that he ate well and made plenty of money. He was super smart and had a great eye for a money-making property. Rich had met Jim, spoke with him man to man, and let him know without even having to say a word that he had better stay in his place with Jacy. Jim kept all of his conversations with Jacy 100% professional after that, without so much as a “what a nice day it is!” when they spoke.

Jacy called and moved back her 12 o’clock appointment with a real estate agent looking to unload a “fixer-upper,” then updated her pipeline. She decided that after her one o’clock meeting she would go check on the progress of a property down in South Philly that she was working on solo. She had finally assembled a fix-up team that she could depend on a majority of the time. They showed up at the properties to work when they said they would, maybe an hour or so late, but they showed nonetheless, and they did decent work. They never gave her any surprises on her invoices unless it was something that absolutely couldn’t be avoided, such as a wall buckling, and they would give her the respect of a phone call before doing anything about it.

Recently, Jacy had been getting industry information that there were potential problems in the real estate industry that could cause a problem for investors like herself. She was putting her money up for a rainy day, and looking into other investments. The money Rich made from his store at that point was enough to cover all of their bills and then some. She wasn’t worried—just very thankful that she had gained a partner in life to deal with any hard times that could come. She had never had that type of security or a fallback plan before.

Jacy went to find her ceramic flat iron to fix her hair before leaving the house, and set out a nice casual outfit of peddle pusher jeans, a long blouse, and high-heeled sandals for the day. Jacy always wore a long shirt to cover her behind on a day she was going to see her contractors. They were still men after all.

When she stepped outside she breathed in the warm, clean air of Upper Darby and chirped her car. The good old Mitsubishi Eclipse was still right there. Rich had tried to get her to trade it in for a bigger and “better” model—like the new Navigator Rich had bought for himself—but Jacy refused. She just fixed her baby up and made it run like it just came off the assembly line. That car had been down with her since her college days—she wasn’t about to abandon it for some new shit.

Just as she settled into the driver’s seat her cellphone started going off and she hoped it was Jim. She wanted to get this next deal with him started right away.

“Hey Jim!” she sang, happy that she could get one thing off of her list for the day.

“Hey what’s up Jacy, I just got your message. I got a big one on my list of things to do, and I wanted to see if you want to get in on it,” he said, sounding clear as day. Jacy figured that he must have been in his office.

“You know I do, tell me about it,” Jacy said as she pulled out of her driveway one-handed.

“Well, it’s down on Brown and 7th, prime location. You know with the gentrification going on down there. They’re asking 100K, but I’m telling you, we fix it up and this property could go for 200 easy.”

“What? Why are they selling it so cheap then? It’s got to be something really wrong with it?”

“Not really. Like I said, I saw about seven or ten thousand in repairs. It’s probably just the area, it’s still changing. Still a pretty rough area but there a lot of new people moving in. We may have to hold onto it for a few months.”

“Okay. Well, when can I come see it?” Jacy wanted to know. Her ears had perked at the possibility of a 100K profit. She usually didn’t see deals with that kind of profit potential.

“Today. Can you meet me down there at like 5?”

“Uhhh. Yea, I guess. I have a lot going on today. I have my self-defense class at seven. I will call you when I’m nearby.”

“Great. I’ll see you then.”

Jacy started dancing in her seat when she hung up the phone. She saw dollar signs that could allow her to relax for months before jumping on another deal. She couldn’t wait to tell Rich when he got home.

Chapter 2

Timbo turned his car sharply onto Market Street. He had to maneuver around the construction under the El train tracks that had still sat unfinished since they began over five years before. He pulled into a spot as close to the sports bar on 56th street as he could get. The front of his car grille almost grazed the construction fence.

He leaned forward to turn off the car and then sat back, stone silent for a few moments. He thought about the fact that he barely had $100 in his pocket at that moment, and was about to meet with this fine new college honey he had met in passing for a date at the bar. She was probably inside waiting for him.


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January 31, 2008

THUGS ARE FOR FUN 3 excerpt Urban Books

This book can be found under the Urban Books category of your favorite online book store. Also look under Urban Fiction, African American Fiction and Street Fiction.

Here is an excerpt from the 3rd Thugs book. You all are the very first eyes to see this, I’m not even posting it on my website yet. Subscribe to RSS feeds to automatically get updates on the thugs books series.

THUGS ARE FOR FUN Part 1THUGS AIN’T NO FUN AT ALLThugs are for Fun 3 - Urban Books

Thugs are for Fun Part III Excerpt- First part of Chapter 1

“Okay, push it in now!” Jacy screamed.

Rich gave one last shove and the couch finally slid through the front door, giving Jacy instant relief. She had been holding the couch up a certain way while Rich used his power to squeeze it all the way through the too-small doorway.

They were both hot and sweaty already, and pissed because one of the delivery guys had copped an attitude with Rich. The guy had been five seconds from getting his head smashed in when he and his partner suddenly got into their truck and drove off with the couch still sitting on the front lawn. Rich and Jacy were forced to move the couch in the house themselves, even though it was nine in the morning and they were just getting up from the bed.

“I’m gonna curse their boss out, watch,” Jacy said when the couch was finally in place. She dotted her face with a napkin and then started looking for the delivery receipt. “When he has to hear it from me, he’s gonna pass it right onto their asses. Just wait ’til I find this number.”

“Naw, don’t even bother,” Rich said calmly as he pulled his shirt up and rubbed the sweat off of his face. He seemed cool now, but was thinking treacherous thoughts—he actually knew the delivery guy. Where he lived—with his mama—and all of that. He must not have recognized Rich’s face.

Rich would have to fight the urge to go up there to his mama’s house. He was finding it harder and harder to resist those old feelings; that was how he used to handle things when he was running the streets.

Ever since Jacy and Rich had gotten married a little over four months before, Rich had kept his promise to leave the street life alone. He spent most of his free time at his sporting goods store—it was his respite whenever he was tempted to go down his old stomping grounds.

He had rented out the house on Ruby Street to his cousin Cochese, who had already been living there anyway. Rich’s little brother Rodney had moved down south shortly after the wedding to be with his other living siblings. Rodney couldn’t stand the idea of not living with Rich anymore—he had literally grown up under his protection, so the way he and Rich parted ways wasn’t too good. Rich couldn’t let his family hold him back from his happiness though.

Cochese, on the other hand, was loving it. Ever since Rich left the house, Cochese’s coochie-meter had gone off the charts. The way the women came in and out of that house, people on the block were starting to think he was running a brothel. Cochese had even tried to move a couple of his girlfriends into the house, but Rich had to end that situation real quick; it was still his house and he wasn’t about to have it torn up but some ignorant ass chickenheads.

“But baby, I broke one of my fucking nails! I’m not supposed to be moving couches!” Jacy complained. She knew she was being annoying, but she couldn’t control herself. She had been snapping a lot lately, over even the smallest of details. “Just let me cuss them out one good time.”

“I said don’t worrry about it Jacy!” Rich said, raising his voice a notch, but he wasn’t mad at her. He went over to where she was standing, pouting, looking like a doll that had just been doused with a bucket of water. He lifted both of her hands and looked at the nail that was broken. He reached down and kissed it.

“Look at these pretty hands. Even if you didn’t have no nails attached to the skin they would still be beautiful,” Rich commented. Jacy rolled her eyes.

“Oh, you trying to play me now? I’m trying to be nice!” Rich laughed.

“Yea right. You are so full of shit Rich,” Jacy chuckled in response. “If I wasn’t the type of girl that had my nails done every week you wouldn’t look twice at my ass.”

Rich eyed Jacy closely, scanning the lovely laugh lines around her mouth, the foundation that was starting to bead up on her face from her sweating, and the diamond studs in her ears. He wondered why she had woken up and applied makeup just to meet the delivery men at the door. “You don’t really believe that do you?”

Jacy’s smirk turned into a tight-lipped frown. She had to admit, since she had married Rich, and seen all of the progress that he had made as a legitimate businessman, she had become a little intimidated. He got the second look from everybody, not just girls from down the way anymore. Whenever they went downtown to shop or have drinks, Jacy found herself constantly on the defensive against professional women in business suits eyeing Rich down shamelessly. Once when they were having lunch at McCormick’s as they usually did on a free weekday, Jacy left to go to the bathroom and some light skinned chick who was having lunch with her co-workers was bold enough to actually sit across from Rich at their table. Rich did everything he could to tell the woman to keep it moving without being rude, but Jacy came back before the woman could slide her slimy ass back over to her own table and all hell broke loose. She kept her bathroom stay short in the first place because she had seen the same women oogling at Rich when they first walked in. Jacy was ready to bust her in the mouth when she saw her sitting in her seat.

“Excuse me, can I help you with something?” Jacy asked the woman as calmly as she could while clutching her purse tightly. Jacy was still standing, feet firmly planted, in front of the table, ready for war. She was sick of this shit. Rich quickly diffused the situation.

“Baby, this is Toni, she works down at the Centre Square building on Market Street. She was just about to leave. Matter of fact, she left her number, so you can call her later if you want to learn more about her,” Rich said with a smirk as he passed Jacy the woman’s card. The card contained the woman’s work number, cellphone number, and job address. He knew of no better way of showing Jacy that he wasn’t interested in this broad in the least.

“Oh! Really!” Jacy said with a nod as she scanned the information and chuckled, letting some of the steam subside. The lady got up and tried to snatch her card back, but Jacy was too quick.

“Didn’t your Mama ever teach you not to snatch from people!?” Jacy’s went from zero to ghetto in three seconds flat and her voice trembled with anger at the woman. “How dare you!”

Jacy clutched the business card in her right fist, ready to strike. Rich got up and grabbed her around her waist.

“Come on baby, we out,” he said with a dismissive finality as he pulled Jacy away from the scene. “Here give me that.”

He paused and took the card from Jacy’s hand so that he could flick it to the floor at the woman’s feet. “You ain’t on her level,” he insulted the woman before they left. Jacy’s chest puffed out on that one.

This was only one of many scenes in which desperate yet attractive women were trying to take Jacy’s man away. She was starting to becoming insecure about her chances of holding onto Rich for long. It was all in the way he was still so gangster even though he now hustled in slacks and Kenneth Cole shoes. His store had grossed over $150,000 the year before and was predicted to double that figure in the new year. Women were going nuts over Rich because he had every trait they desired—he was rough around the edges, but had good intentions and a profitable, legal business. But the way he dealt with the attention bothered Jacy to no end. He was so flippant and indifferent as if it was all some big joke. Jacy took it all very seriously—her womanhood was being challenged at every turn. It had come to the point where she had been doing everything possible to stay on top of her game physically. What if by chance Rich met another smart, young, college-educated woman who he found to be more attractive than Jacy? Especially with all of the new social circles they ran in. The thought made her lose sleep at night.

“Jacy? Answer my question. Do you really believe that?” Rich asked her again, trying to get her attention and bring her back to the present. She was drifting off to other places a lot more lately. “Did you hear me?”

“I don’t know Rich,” Jacy said and tried to pull away. “Let me go ahead and take a shower.”

“Jacy, seriously. I don’t know what’s up wit you lately,” Rich said, pulling her back into his arms. “I don’t give a fuck if your nails are done! I love you for who you are and what you’re about, not all that superficial shit.”

Jacy tried to release herself from his grip, but he wouldn’t let go just yet. “Yea right Rich. One thing I do know about you Philly brothers is that ya’ll are too superficial. It’s all about the sneakers, the shoes, the hair, the nails, the clothes…”

Rich sighed and let her go. He walked over to the new couch, still covered in plastic, and sat down, remembering why he and Jacy had chosen it in the first place. He picked up the remote and switched on the television. “That ain’t me no more Jacy. I ain’t about all that mess. Now would you stop stressin’ and come relax with me for a minute? You know I got a long ass day today.”

“I don’t know Rich, I got some work to do too. So why don’t you just go get started,” Jacy said as she headed upstairs. “We can hang out later.”

In the bathroom, Jacy stripped down to her birthday suit in ten seconds flat. She turned on the water and waited for it to get steaming hot. She glanced around her huge bathroom, fully equipped with both a shower and a Jacuzzi tub. It was one of the features that made her and Rich choose their new marital home in Upper Darby. It wasn’t big, and it wasn’t small—it was cozy. Jacy had wanted to move farther away from Philly, but knew that Rich had his daughter Chellie to consider. Rich was currently involved in a lawsuit to get joint custody of Chellie, and eventually full custody if he and Jacy became comfortable with the arrangement. Rich didn’t want to impose on his new wife by trying to make her into insta-mom, but Jacy and Chellie got along so well that even she couldn’t resist the idea. She was just glad that Rich only had one child. She had been with men that had up to six heads to worry about, and their life was nothing but drama.

Jacy’s insecurities about Rich and other women had begun before they were married. She couldn’t even escape the catty female vultures on her own wedding day.

The wedding was a small yet beautiful affair held at a waterfront villa in New Jersey. Only 50 of Jacy and Rich’s closest friends and family were invited, including Jacy’s parents, who had reluctantly warmed to Rich after a few visits, Rich’s aunts, a couple of siblings, his cousins, and Timbo. Rich had gone and got his daughter, but apparently there was a leak about the location of the wedding. There were at least 20 uninvited guests that showed up at the small reception, including Rich’s baby’s mother LaTisha, her bosom buddy Neecey, and five other women from Rich’s old neighborhood. They needed to see this whole wedding thing go down for themselves.

LaTisha and Neecey “the Knob” were still up to their old tricks, plotting on how to ruin Jacy’s wedding day. They finally came up with a plan for LaTisha to corner Rich in the bathroom where he went alone—or so they thought—and wait for someone to come in and see him and LaTisha together. That would definitely get back to Jacy before the end of the night.

As they inched towards the bathroom, they heard some sounds coming from inside. Neecey was the lookout as LaTisha went to push open the door, but something was blocking it. After a few more unsuccessful attempts to push her way in, she gave it one good shove at the same moment that Rich removed the chair he had propped against it. Tisha went flying into the stall near the door and bumped her head. When she looked up, there stood Jacy and Rich looking down at her like she was retarded. Neecey slid off down the hall and out of sight.

“LaTisha, what the hell you doin’?” Rich stared at his baby’s mother, looking amused and restraining a laugh. Jacy looked at Rich and then back at LaTisha.

“Uh, nuffin. I was just trying to pee,” LaTisha played it off. “Ain’t this the bathroom?”

“Tish, this the men’s bathroom. Why you tryin’ to get in here?” Rich chuckled, always quick-witted. He already knew that Tisha would try something, and here she was. He and Jacy had made plans to sneak off separately to the bathroom for a quickie, but had gotten caught themselves now.

“Neecey told me this was the men’s room! Neecey, why you tell me that?” she said to no one at all. Neecey was long gone.

“Girl, git yo ass up,” Rich offered her a hand and she took it, still rubbing her head.

Tisha and Neecey tried a few more times that night to get Rich’s attention or annoy Jacy in some way, but it wasn’t working, especially now that everybody knew what they were up to. They became the laughingstock of the reception. Everybody got drunk and talked about them, right in their faces, until they finally left.

But Jacy soon came to realize that this was not going to be a one-time thing. As Rich’s new wife, she constantly had to deal with challenges to her role in Rich’s life.

Jacy heard the door to the bathroom open and she looked up from her seat on the side of the Jacuzzi bathtub just in time to see Rich come inside butt naked. She had been so deep in thought that she forgot why she was even in the bathroom in the first place. Now her only thoughts were on how good Rich looked at that moment. His body looked like someone had sliced him hundreds of times with a sharp knife and he had just healed that way—an Adonis with a broad chest, v-shaped stomach, and a big, thick, swinging…

“Jacy, what…” Rich stopped talking mid-sentence and grabbed his toothbrush. Jacy just sat there watching him as he brushed his teeth. “Never mind.”

His large penis shook and swayed as he brushed vigorously.

“I don’t know why you don’t just get an electronic brush like me,” Jacy tried, unsuccessfully, to get her mind off of sex as she continued to watch him.

“You know I don’t fuck with all that technology. Good old toothbrush, it’s worked for me for 28 years. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” he said with a wink in Jacy’s direction, and then spit out his paste in the sink.

“They work even better though. With those old brushes you leave plaque behind,” Jacy continued bullshitting.

Rich turned and looked down at her, sitting there like she didn’t know what to do with herself. “Girl, what are you doing over there? I thought you was taking a shower.”

“Yea, I am,” Jacy chuckled as she got up from the Jacuzzi and went to turn the water on. As she walked over to the tub, now Rich was watching. He never missed an opportunity to watch Jacy walk around naked. Her body was always so smooth; an uninterrupted cocoa brown. Her stomach was still as flat as an ironing board, and her dark brown hair reached even farther down her back. He let his eyes fall down further to that round, juicy ass—the second thing that had caught his attention when they first met years ago. He noticed her putting a little extra something on her usual switch to the shower. That immediately had his nature rising.

Before Jacy had a chance to even take a step inside the shower stall, Rich was on her….


Entertaining Urban Books with a message.

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